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Pure BEVA® 371 Solution in film form. The film comes sandwiched between a white silicone-coated paper and a Mylar release sheet. The transparent support allows the film to be cut precisely to any shape, to be inserted into loose areas, or for delaminating paint to be proper aligned - all before the film is heat-activated. Ideal for transparent lining of paintings, also for textile and paper conservation.

BEVA® 371 Film can be removed from absorbent surfaces using hexane or acetone, provided these solvents do not damage the art work involved. It is also reversible by heat and low-aromatic petroleum solvents.
BEVA® 371 Film (2.5 mil) is available in 27" wide, 20' -long rolls and 54" - wide, 20' - long rolls.
BEVA® Film (1.0 mil) is available in 55"- wide, 10' - long rolls.

BEVA® 371 Film 2.5 mil. (27"x 20')
Your Price: $115.00 each (+S & H)
BEVA® 371 Film 2.5 mil. (54"x 20')
Your Price: $230.00 each (+S & H)
BEVA® 371 Film 1.0 mil. (55"x 10') 
Price: $115.00 each (+S & H)                     
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