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Welcome to CPC!
Conservator's Products Company

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Welcome to Conservator's Products Company!

Dear valued customers:

Our Web site is currently UNDER Construction.  Please call us at 973-927-4855 or email us to place your orders.  We appreciate your patience to this mattter.

Our Product Listed below for your convinience.

Existing customers: Please email us with product name(s) and Quantity with your company information.

New customers: Please call or email and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Products Name                                                                 Units          Price/Unit
CPC001- BEVA® 371 Solution                                              Gallon          $107.00
CPC002 - BEVA® 371 Film 2.5 mil. (27"x 20')                          Roll              $139.00
CPC003 - BEVA® 371 Film 2.5 mil.(54"x 20')                           Roll              $278.00
CPC004 - BEVA® 371 Film 1.0 mil.(27"x 20')                           Roll              $139.00
CPC005 - BEVA® D-8 Dispersion                                          Gallon           $99.00
CPC006 - BEVA® D-8 Dispersion                                          Quart           $31.00
CPC007 - BEVA® Gel                                                         Gallon           $99.00
CPC008 - BEVA® Gel                                                         Quart           $31.00
CPC009 - UV Stable Finishing Varnish                                    Quart           $44.00
CPC010 - Isolating Varnish                                                  Quart           $44.00
CPC011 - UV Stable Matte Varnish                                       Quart            $44.00
CPC013 - Inpainting Medium                                               Quart            $65.00
CPC014 - BEVA® Gesso-p:8 ounce can                                Can               $20.00
CPC016 - BEVA® TEX (27"x36")                                          Roll               $33.00